“Shame for Being Human”


A couple of days ago, I saw a video on facebook of a mom forcefully shaving the head of an ashamed, sobbing girl, as punishment for making fun of someone with cancer, and it made me so sad. I felt sick, and I couldn’t think of words to communicate my feelings (no news there) about why,  even to myself.

Humans don’t usually have a context with which to process their impulses, feelings, thoughts, or behavior, but we hope for the best. Then, we shame those who have the courage to grapple with what it means to be human. I mean grapple with questions like the following: Am I a MALE human or a FEMALE human? What do those things mean? Am I willing to mute [this desire] and abandon [this piece] of myself in order to appease a population that is attempting to dictate my morals and relationships? Am I willing to make the mistakes, accept the consequences in my insistence to move forward in my pursuit of being fully, vulnerably, authentically human?

Whether we’re talking about Trump, Clinton, bully mom and shamed daughter, transgenders and their bathrooms, gay marriage, pre/extra-marital sex, drugs, alcohol, (insert thing that makes you inescapably human) or obesity, the human condition can only be reconciled in the light. Like a child, the broken piece needs to be brought out of the room in the home of your soul, and it needs to be rehabilitated. It needs to be loved, embraced, and validated.

Sure, the conclusions people come to in these processes may be sometimes false. However, honor is due for the bravery to grapple with the big questions of humanity.